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The following services are offered to businesses:

Dr Grieve have significant experience in working with staff from a variety of different industries and has extensive experience of working with people who work offshore and the different challenges in life that staff often face. Dr Grieve has also completed the British Psychological Society course on Aviation Psychology and working with Air Crew and am familiar with the challenges posed by working in that sector. Dr Grieve uses CBT and EMDR as the main treatments for psychological difficulties. He also completes occupational clinical psychology reports.  Therapy can be done face to face or over Skype.

• Psychological therapy for staff;
• Occupational Clinical Psychology Assessments;
• Stress Management Training for staff (managers and/or other staff members);
• Consultation;

The pressures of life and work commitments can lead to staff being less productive, enjoying their work and personal lives less and, on occasion, taking time off on long-term sickness absence.

We have experience of working with complex cases and with people who have been off work with chronic psychological difficulties, including anxiety, depression and trauma. This is an area that we feel is often not fully addressed by some other employee assistance programmes, which often work on a very short number of sessions. Complex cases require a full and comprehensive assessment, formulation and treatment plan to help a person deal with their often chronic and sometimes severe psychological difficulties. All of our treatments are evidence-based, such as cognitive behavioural therapy, and follow guidelines provided by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence. 

Following the assessment a treatment plan will be provided which will give an indication of the extent of the employee’s difficulties, an estimate of the number of treatment sessions and a costing for the treatment. We also use reliable and valid measures of psychological distress and these are administered to monitor level of severity and degree of change over time.

We provide face to face sessions and can also offer telephone consultation or Skype therapy if this is appropriate. We are also able to provide training on stress management and this can be done with small groups in the workplace.

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